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  • Microphones & Music: Through the Decades [Infographic]

    As we all know music has changed phenomenally over the decades, today there are many genres that we can all enjoy. It isn’t just the sounds and styles that have evolved, but the equipment too read more

  • The Fantastic Art of Foley Work

    Sound design is everywhere, especially in the movies! When you’re watching an amateur film there are certain things missing that hint that it’s not a Hollywood blockbuster. One of these key missing features is Foley read more

  • L&F Music future of TV idents 4

    The Future Of Idents – Part 4: The Sound Of Music

    Welcome to this fourth and final installment in the series on the future of TV Idents.  This time we asked our virtual panel of senior creative directors and strategists “What is the role of audio read more

  • The Sadness of Songs

    Ah, pop songs – always so happy, uplifting, life-affirming, right? They’re a bit cheeseball, like a Hollywood rom-com, where you leave the theatre with a soppy smile on your face, even if you’re hating yourself read more