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  • Experimental or Indulgent

    Ah, it’s an age-old question in the music biz – is that strange new track you’ve just listened to truly experimental, or just over-indulgent pap? So what makes a song too indulgent, and how can read more

  • Making the Most of Your Studio Time

    Laying down the tracks in a studio is one of the greatest buzzes a musician can experience – when the adrenaline’s pumping like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the gym and every note is just absolutely awesome. read more

  • Spotlight on Record Labels

    It’s the digital age, right? The age when large companies no longer have a monopoly on marketing creative souls. After all, if you’re a writer who wants to make it in the publishing world, simply read more

  • Best Jobs for Aspiring Musicians

    Hey, we know you’re an awesome musician, and you know you’re an awesome musician. But the only way to prove that is to get out, touring and playing and recording as much as you can. read more