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  • Doctor Who L&F V2

    François Cassin – The Future of TV Branding Part 1

    We are very happy to welcome one of our clients, François Cassin, Creative Lead for Box Plus as guest blogger – purveyors of some our best watched music channels on TV like 4Music, Smash Hits, and read more

  • L&F Idris

    Idris Elba in the Studio

    We’ve been very busy in the studio working on the score for a new 30-minute drama directed and scripted by Idris Elba for Sky TV. It’s called King for a Term and it is an read more

  • The World’s Greatest… Drummers

    In keeping with our last blog, and after praising some of the greatest bass players of all time, we decided to shine some light on those chaps that are always sat at the back, the read more

  • closeup of electrical guitar fingerboard

    The World’s Greatest… Bassists

    It takes a lot of elements to make a band. Sure, the vocalist will probably always come across as the frontman (or woman) of a band – their contribution is the most instantly noticeable, after read more