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  • What Does a Music Producer Do?

    If you’re asked who made your favourite album, you’re likely to respond with the name of the band or the solo artist who recorded it. Take a look at the credits listed on that album, read more

  • The time it takes to record an album also depends on format release.

    How Long Does it Take to Record an Album?

    How long does it take the record an album? So you’ve got your band, you’ve nailed that guitar solo, you’ve practiced those high notes, and you’ve got an absolute ton of talent, but you’re still read more

  • The tools of sound design

    What is Sound Design?

    Ah, sound designer – It’s one of those titles you’ll frequently see on album sleeve notes and the credits of movies. And it’s also the type of title that could leave you scratching your head read more

  • Writing a Great Song - the L & F Music Guide

    How to Write a Song with L & F Music

    Ah, how to write a song. Ask one person and they’ll point you towards the latest catchy melody in the charts as a template. Ask another and they’ll scoff and insist you follow the pattern read more